Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I contact you guys?
A: Most of our communication is done via e-mail or our Discord server, both of which are linked in every release.

Q: Will you translate this [show, movie, OVA, ramen commercial from 1971]?
A: No. We do not take requests to do shows, most of our projects are picked internally. It doesn't hurt to at least suggest a project though, because it could possibly be picked up by someone else.

Q: But I'll pay you to do [show]!
A: We do not take monetary donations either, especially not commissions. This is something the group feels strongly about and we will flatly refuse to accept donations. While it's true that very few groups that recieve monetary donations embezzle it, our solution to avoid the temptation and opportunity of misusing funds is to just avoid donations altogether.

Q: Do you take other kinds of donations?
A: Do not purchase raws for a show and then try to "donate" them to us, as we likely won't use them - because, as previously mentioned, we don't take requests. If you do purchase raws for a show, the best thing you can do is make them publicly available for others to use.

Q: When will [show] be released?
A: Most of our shows are released on a loose monthly schedule - for more detailed information about what we're working on at any given moment, there is a channel in the Discord server that tracks our progress on certain releases.

Q: I found an error in your subtitles!
A: Thank you. If you'd like to point this out, please email us or DM one of the admins on Discord, and if we agree with you, we will make a v2 of that file and re-release it (see also the Corrections page - pending).

Q: How can I help?
A: If you're a competent Japanese to English translator, we're always looking for more people to split the load of checking our various shows - or if you're a translator who's interested in doing a show, we might also be interested in doing it, provided that you translate it. Otherwise, right now we have all the staff we need.

Q: Your twitter account said something mean to me!
A: Skill issue. You probably deserved it.

Q: Are you some kind of jerk?
A: In the eternal words of NoraInuG, "Yes. I'm not only a jerk, I'm a first class a**hole too."


  1. I have a question, when are you going to fansub Iron Cocksucker Shittatico, the well-beloved 6-episode OVA series from 1985?

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