Friday, July 14, 2023

[LonelyChaser-Inka] Saint Elmo - Apostle of Light [VHS]

Yuuki and his team of experts must voyage to the edge of the Sun to repair the power-providing spaceship Saint Elmo before all electricity on Earth is lost. On the way, he’ll encounter ghosts, aliens, and a surprise ending…

See Marty’s post on this as well.



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  1. Any news about Oishinbo coming back?

    1. 4 eps pending QC right now.

      I was gonna do up to 46 before releasing anything as 45-46 is a double ep (+ is pretty heavy on the Chinese.)

    2. Cool! Thanks for the update! I know it's tough to do, so I appreciate it.

  2. Many thanks!

    Fujiko F. Fujio: Sukoshi Fushigi Tanpen Theater would also greatly appreciate good subs, especially the 4th OVA. ;)