Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Arctic Animation's Kimagure Orange Road (1991, VHS fansub)

This is a true blast from the past. Thanks to Mamo-chan from Live-Evil, I was able to make a rip of some of Arctic Animation's original 1991 VHS fansubs of Kimagure Orange Road. I made rips of Episode 1, 47, and 48.

These are presented pretty much untouched, all I did was try and sync the audio with the video. Please don't actually try and watch the show at this quality.

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  1. Thank you man, amazing historic preservation of early fansubs!!

  2. Hi thanks a lot for the upload ....Kimagure Orange Road is my most favourite anime and if I found anything related to it I definitely watch it ....I am sharing with you the link to the rare direct to video recap video of Kimagure Orange Road. I will be very grateful to you guys if you add subtitles to this video and preserve it.... Credit goes to MAL user "sorcery" for sharing this video is named "Tanabata Special" on anidb

  3. Thank you so much for preserving this!!! ❤️ This was the first way I ever watched this series back in the 90s and I lost my tapes since. This made me so happy to find

  4. Nice post thank you India