Friday, July 30, 2021

SD Gundam Mk 5

Episode 1 - "A Miracle of Re-GZ the Shipper"
When Hyaku Shiki, the richest man on the planet, buys the legendary Psycho-II Kannon, but will only pay a small fee for it to be delivered, it falls to Re-GZ and his company to deliver the priceless artefact... or else.




Episode 2 - "SD Sengokuden: Gundam Band of Five's Ghost Extermination"
When a ghost appears in the town of Jaburo, Shougundam sends in the Gundam Band of Five to find out who's really behind it.

Episode 3-5 - "SD Gundam: Pikirientapooresu (Parts 1-3)" Uhhhhh... just watch it.


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  1. Why has "SD Gundam: Pikirientapooresu" no Subs? It sounds japanese to me what they say so it´s sad that there is no subs. Maybe you could add them?

    Also when comes "Mobile Suit SD Gundam The Movie: Musha Knight Command: SD Gundam Scramble" and "Mobile Suit SD Gundam Festival" ?

  2. No Japanese is spoken in the short episodes, hence why there are no subtitles. It is literally gibberish.

    In terms of future releases, we are waiting on the blu rays coming out. We'll be re-doing a lot of the early work as our subs back then were very rough, but intend to do it all eventually.