Saturday, August 10, 2019

SD Gundam Mk. 2

SD Gundam is a Sunrise's long-running parody of Mobile Suit Gundam. 

Here are the summaries for all three episodes of the second SD Gundam from 1989.

Episode 1: Gundam, but in a... nightclub?


 Episode 2: Just a bunch of very confusing and very Japanese puns on episode titles.

Episode 3: Amuro, Kamille, and Judau are sent to rescue the Zeta Kingdom's princess, or so they think...

This release is a redo of an older hardsubbed copy of Mk2, with a better raw (IP-Raws's SD Gundam Collection Box) and updated spellings and translations.

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Find SD Gundam Mk. 2 on Nyaa.

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